Changing Lives is a national, registered charity which provides specialist support for thousands of vulnerable people and their families, every month. Through our pioneering and innovative work we help people to make positive, lasting changes in their lives. 

We provide services for men and women fleeing or living with Domestic Abuse, to support survivors to stay safe and move on positively from abusive situations through our Refuge and community based services.

The refuge is accessible to victims of domestic abuse and their children who are at severe risk of harm, and for whom remaining in their current home is not an option. The service is accessible 24 hours a day, and is able to accommodate both male and female victims and their children.

The Community based service is delivered by Independent Domestic Violence Advocates, working with both male and female victims of domestic abuse. 

IDVAs provide specialist emotional and practical support for adult victims at the point of crisis. We engage with and mobilise local agency resources to keep victims and their children safe.

We prioritise the needs of high risk victims, providing safety planning and support, as well as advocacy to enable survivors of domestic abuse to use civil and criminal orders to maintain their own safety and prosecute perpetrators. We also provide wrap around support to ensure wider needs of survivors are met.