We provide: Emergency Accommodation 16-25yr olds – accommodation within volunteer hosts homes / supported lodgings and also supported accommodation with 16-17yr olds as priority. We offer life skills, independent living skills, pre-tenancy and life skills workshops, benefits advice, Signpost to training providers for Education, training and employment skills. Budgeting, Confidence building, nutrition.

Helping to support and increase social inclusion with full access to all the support services we provide. Self-referrals accepted. Mediation – 15yrs and above – to support young people and their families and the wider community with conflict resolution and to support them in rebuilding sometimes chaotic relationships. Self-referrals accepted. Counselling – 15yrs and above – Integrative Counselling – which is a positive way of taking care of yourself and rebuild confidence and self-esteem as a professionally managed activity that takes many life situations into consideration, bereavement, mental health, stress management, illness etc. ( this is not conclusive). The service freely accessible with self-referrals.

Confidential one-one sessions with qualified and training Counsellors, Ethical framework of the BACP adhered too. Insurance and clinical Ethical supervision also. Anger management – 15yrs and above – to identity, self-worth, anxiety, poor empathy ( this is not conclusive). We work within the local schools, colleges, GP’s and Solicitors to support clients who have additional support needs.

Coping strategies and supporting through life’s challenges and changes and increasing self-development and self-awareness around issues that may increase mood or frayed tempers and developing skills to stay calm. Mental Health and wellbeing – 15yrs and above – awareness, coping strategies and lifestyle changes, looking at self-harm, self-care, eating disorders and depression etc.( this is not conclusive). To help support our client group with depression, anxiety and support them in everyday situations and life’s challenges. To develop strategies to improve health and wellbeing and promote healthy lives and healthy people.

Women@play – 15yrs and above – providing Mental Health, Wellbeing and wellness support sessions that offer women a chance to focus on themselves, each other, discover interests, build memories and talk at a deeper level.

There is full access to our free support services for and additional support needed. The programme is aimed for women to empower themselves and to develop the programme to suit their individual needs.

Referrals are taken from Social care, solicitors, DV support services and self-referrals are accepted.