Warrington Youth Club is the largest voluntary-sector Youth Club in the Warrington area. The ethos of Warrington Youth Club is 'Inspiring Young People to Achieve'. We work with young people aged between 7 and 19, and up to age 25 for disabled young people.

We offer Victim Support through a range of services:

1. Open-Access Youth Work

Warrington Youth Club is open four nights a week offering inclusive Youth Club sessions. We offer an accessible weekly club, Planet Blue, for disabled young people, enabling these young people to experience the same activities as their peers. During school holiday periods we open from 8 until 6 every day for Holiday Club. We also run an accessible gym that is free to all our members.

2. Personal Development Programmes

Our personal development programmes work with groups of up to 15 young people at a time over a period of weeks to improve their confidence and knowledge of the issues that affect them. These projects include Girls Group, Young Men’s Health Group and Positive Life Skills, a programme that helps disabled and vulnerable young people develop their skills for independence. These programmes offer group-based support for young people who have been the victims of crime; for example, the local Rape and Sexual Assault Counselling Service refers young people to us as a referral pathway.

3. Mentoring

Warrington Youth Club offers a range of one-to-one interventions with young people who need the most support. Our Buddy Up befriending service matches disabled young people with a Buddy who will help them develop independence. ReStart is targeted at young people at risk of entering the criminal justice system, offering guidance and crisis intervention. Our Core Mentoring project matches young people with a volunteer mentor who will support them through challenging periods, such as in the aftermath of a crime.