eCRIME / Cyber-Bullying

Posted on 12 February 2016


• Spreading malicious and abusive rumours and gossiping

• Emailing or texting someone with threatening or intimidating remarks

• Trolling someone

• Mobbing an individual (a group or gang who target one individual).

• Harassing someone repeatedly

 Intimidation and blackmail

• Stalking someone on-line and continually harassing them

• Posting embarrassing or humiliating images or video’s about an individual without their consent.

• General Bullying or Stalking

 Child exploitation

• Grooming (ie: enticing or goading someone on-line to self-harm, to harm another person or commit a crime)

• Setting up a false profile to target an individual

• Happy Slapping – ie: filming someone being attacked and then posting that video up on a website or inappropriate on-line forum

• Posting someone else’s private details on-line without consent

• Identity fraud or identity theft

• Using gaming sites to attack or bully an individual

 Theft over the internet

• Fraud or deception over the internet

• Espionage over the internet and so on

If you feel you have been effected by any of the examples in this list and would like to a talk to a professional for advice, please click the support page below for further information



Last updated 12nd February 2016