Modern Slavery

Posted on 18 February 2016

Modern Slavery is an international crime, affecting an estimated 29.8 million slaves around the world**. It is a global problem that transcends age, gender and ethnicities, including here in the UK and it’s important that we bring this hidden crime into the open.

It can include victims that have been brought from overseas, and vulnerable people in the UK, being forced to illegally work against their will in many different sectors, including brothels, cannabis farms, nail bars and agriculture. Read more here.

Read about the Government’s actions to tackle Modern Slavery here.

What Is It/Spot The Signs

It is a growing issue, affecting men, women and children. 1,746 CASES REPORTED in the UK in 2013 - a 47% increase on the number of cases reported in 2012**.

But these are just the victims we know about. Slavery’s hidden nature means actual numbers are likely to be far, far higher.


If You Suspect Slavery Is Happening...

  • Call the Police on 999 in an emergency, or 101 if it is not urgent.
  • You can also report it by calling the new Modern Slavery helpline on 0800 0121 700
  • Using the online form on the "Modern Slavery" website
  • If you think you have been a victim, find out how you can get help


For more information about Modern Slavery, please click the link below to go to the Modern Slavery website:


** UK National Referral Mechanism Statistics 2013

Last updated 18th February 2016