1. Restorative Justice Report

    Posted in Restorative Justice on 06 September 2016

    A Justice Committee report has said that there are “tangible benefits” of restorative justice to victims and that current provision is subject to a “postcode lottery”. In light of mixed compliance with the Victims’ Code (which requires the police or delivery organisations to provide information on RJ to victims), the Committee recommends the introduction of a system to improve compliance and the inclusion of a right to access such services in the Victims’ Law. However it adds that “it is too soon to introduce a legislative right” but “such a goal is laudable and should be actively worked towards”. Further, the Committee recommends that the Ministry of Justice continues to provide long-term funding for restorative justice to Police and Crime Commissioners, but this money should remain part of a wider pot of funding for victims’ services (as opposed to being ring-fenced).